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  1. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Registrations, Summer & Fall 2015   

    Luna Abbot - First Year
    Rowan Dream - Fourth Year
    Rory Devaney - Slytherin Student
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  2. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Registrations, Summer & Fall 2015   

    Genie Dawn - First Year
    Lizzie Ra - First Year
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  3. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a topic in The Lion's Mouth   

    Registrations, Summer & Fall 2015
    Whoop! Welcome to Gryffindor everyone!! :D 
    Until term starts in September, no dens will be assigned. Summer camp is starting today, though, so if you haven't already, go sign-up and have fun at the water park!!  :yahoo:
    Preston Cahill - First Year
    Hope Stark - Slytherin Guest
    Dolly Frazer - Ravenclaw Guest
    keith - Please use your full HOL name when signing up. 
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  4. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Happy Birthday, Missa!   

    Hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL day!!! In keeping with the purple theme, here are some lovely things for you!


    And don't forget the best part~  

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  5. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Jenny!   

    Aww, thank you everyone!!! I know I haven't been around as much as I would have liked these last few months, but thank you for always making me smile!! :D  
    And thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!! ^___^ 
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  6. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Dens   

    And just to clarify for you and for others who are curious, we are planning on assigning dens sometime in early September. The first den challenge will be in October, then. :)
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  7. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic 1 - 10 000   


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  8. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Question about HOL clubs   

    For a Gryffindor club, just tell me. For an HOL club, you'll want to do the following:

    For these sorts of things, you generally want to bring it to your house prefect(s) (so basically the staff) first. If you can, detail everything out as much as possible. What kind of club would it be, who could join, are their requirements, who would run it, how would it be run, etc etc. The more detailed you can make it, the better off it will be, since after bringing it to the Gryffindor staff (who will likely comment/suggest things) it will first need to go to the HOL Student Committee (the head students and prefects from all houses) for further review (and eventual voting). After that it would then be passed along to the Staff Meeting (Profs, Heads of Houses, etc) for a final approval.

    In my experience, the more you can set up before it goes to all of HOL, the more likely it will be well received. And I (or most of the Gryff staff) would be happy to help you figure out all that stuff. ^_^

    So yeah. Either send me all the info and I can pass it on to the staff, or if you feel more comfortable passing it on to one of the prefects, that's fine, too. ^__^
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  9. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Pictures for Contests   

    Oh, yeah, using things like that are perfectly fine. We don't want your finished product to be taken from the internet, if that makes sense. Basically, don't submit a pumpkin carving you didn't actually do or don't submit an avatar someone else has made. Using things like clip art or parts of pictures, etc, are perfectly fine in my book.

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  10. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Greenhouse: Taking care of the plants   

    I think it depends on the plant. The mimblies don't have to be watered quite as much. I know some days I forget to check them and they are almost always fine. ^_^
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  11. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Awards Committee   

    You can get them but obviously you can't nominate yourself. And in the past people haven't voted for the categories they were nominated in.

    And lol, dorkface. You'll see what we have planned for that. ;)
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  12. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Rubies   

    Nope, they are more of an in-house currency. We used to have a bank you could spend them in, and I'm working on getting it back, but currently we don't have one. I suppose they are for bragging rights, but I'm trying to slowly change everything over to offering beans for participation instead. You'll find that the Gryfftoberfest contests will all give beans for participation. :)

    If we do bring back the store, you will definitely get an update on how many you have.
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  13. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Yearbook   

    I think, given the crazy amount of work a small handful of people had to do for it to be a success, it will not be added on to this year. I would probably be murdered if I suggested it. :P
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  14. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Greenhouse   

    With sooo many new students, everyone is stalking the greenhouse more than usual to get a spot. I've seen a couple in the past few days, but they've all quickly been taken. An empty plot just looks black and dark brown. Like, just the dirt part and no plant. You'll get one, just be patient. :) Try checking at different times of the day, too. I find that last night EST is a good time for me to find them, but that's not the only time they open up.
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  15. Prof. Jenny Lupin added a post in a topic Reputation   

    Chad keeps using : lol : without the spaces. >__> And for some reason it's setting off the troll faces that work on like facebook and things.
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